The main function of a bottle filter is to purify water by removing chlorine, undesirable odours and solid particles up to 5 microns. Bottle filters are remarkably easy-to-use, as all you have to do is open the lid and refill the filter with tap water. This is done by using an accompanying plastic bottle and filling it up to a preset water level. Bottled water and bottle filters are not binding options, thus enabling our customers to seamlessly switch between the two versions.

Bottle filters have the following specifications:


Dimensions: 30x42 cm
Weight: 2.5 Kg
Color: White
Power supply: No need for network connection. Manual filling.
Amount of water purified: 3 - 30 L / h.


Total Estimated Quantity of water purified: 1000 L.
Total volume: 20 L (5 gallons).

Parts of the Filter:

Fabric Front Filter: Purifies water from suspended particulates and other visible matter over 5 microns.
Carbon Filter: With a high filtering and absorbing capacity, the carbon filter removes heavy metals, chlorine and harmful chemicals.
Mineral Ball Filter: Equipped with mineral balls, this filter can enrich purified water with more than 20 elements (zinc, lithium, selenium), which are precious to human health.
Ceramic Filter: The ceramic filter holds solid substances, eliminates undesirable odours and delivers ready-to-use water.