Water coolers are suitably-equipped devices used for cooling and heating water they are fed with. The availability of the very first water coolers in the domestic market was limited, since they used to be seen as luxury items due to their high usage cost.

However, nowadays, water coolers are affordable for both professional and household use. Depending on the customer’s preferences and the quality of tap water in any given area, our company offers the possibility of using water coolers with either bottled water (from any company) or filtered water from any water supply network (tap water).

Water coolers can also work with tap water “as is” in areas where this presents no problems.

Aquarius P.C.C. is a commercial company focused on the import of, and service providing for, water coolers.

Our company supplies countertop water coolers, floor-mounted water coolers, water coolers with special layout and second-hand water coolers.

Aquarius P.C.C. from the very beginning meets the market demands for cost- and space-savings and offers alternative co-operation and support solutions, so that the water coolers provided can operate with the optimum performance.

The company commenced the export of water coolers in 2013.